Anne-Marie Batson MCIPR - Independent PR consultant ☆ Photo: Paul Grover

As an Independent Public Relations consultant, I give expert counsel on crisis management communications, media, reputation and strategy. Too many times we hear misguided statements ('no comment'), slow or no reaction to a growing crisis and read mixed messages - leading to more questions than answers. All of this could be managed with professional PR support. PR is far more than organising events, writing press releases and creating flyers. PR is about relationships and reputation. We live in an increasingly complex and challenging environment. More pressure from social media, public accountability, and 24hr news. Strategic PR leadership is needed from the outset. Reputation and relationships are too precious to be left to chance during an acute issue or crisis. Providing discreet and ethical counsel is paramount. Get the support and help you need quickly. Industry: sport / politics / corporate / Sector: private / public / individual