AmberGlass PR aka Anne-Marie Batson is an independent consultant providing crisis management PR and reputation management services.

Anne-Marie works on behalf of clients in the sports, politics and corporate world. Whether in the public or private sector, businesses, high-profile individuals, organisations or the public.

She is a specialist with deep knowledge and experience in crisis management PR and reputation management across all platforms. Straight forward, clear and honest communications. No smoke and mirrors.

If you seek genuine independent public relations counsel to protect your reputation or a consultant to manage a crisis spiraling quickly, you’ve come to the right place.

Crisis management PR, media representation (statements, press conferences, spokesperson) even events is what AmberGlass PR does best. If you require something extra, as your consultant, Anne-Marie can help you map your individual sporting profile long after retirement or help with ongoing public relations activities.

With extensive experience in the communications industry and impeccable sporting knowledge and credentials, AmberGlass PR is a consultancy you can trust to deliver carefully constructed responses, insightful statements and the sort of thought leadership that will keep you ahead of the game.

For example, the UK sports industry attracts global attention; many sports professionals have achieved celebrity status, representing Team GB on the world stage. AmberGlass PR can help you leverage some of the positive media attention around the sports industry to your advantage. And when you’re in the midst of a media frenzy, AmberGlass PR steers you calmly through statement and interview requests, helping you to make the right decisions, with the right words at the right time!

AmberGlassPR provides organisations with full communications services, liaising with agents, managers, and officials to provide quality media advice. Whether you require a robust rebuttal, a snappy news in brief or a full-blown press conference, AmberGlass PR can steer you onto the right track.

In today’s 24-hour media culture, where there is nowhere to hide, you need a clearly thought out approach that positions you where you want to be.

Too often, businessess, individuals or organisations resort to ‘no comment’ when they are under pressure to respond. Worse still, try to ignore the growing crisis, allowing others to step in and make their views known.

Pressures from social media, the court of public opinion or the need to be accountable can complicate issues further. Slow or poorly thought out responses during a crisis, can cause lasting damage to your reputation and damage future earning capacity.

All of this could be managed from the start with professional PR support provided by AmberGlass PR, providing strategic planning for a range of crisis scenarios or when the crisis ‘breaks’.

Anne-Marie Batson, Director of AmberGlass PR is a consummate PR professional who has built a reputation for strategic thinking and delivering results for a range of public and private sector clients. She particularly excels in a crisis, providing expert counsel to minimise reputational damage as well as supporting the wider communications mix.

Leaving nothing to chance, as a consultant, Anne-Marie explores every angle with forensic detail to leave her clients in no doubt that she is working for their best interests.

An ethical practitioner, Anne-Marie Batson is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), and ideally qualified to be your trusted communications adviser.

Anne-Marie, niece of Brendon Batson, OBE, former West Bromwich Albion FC and 3degree, has sports in her blood.

As a Women in Football, Women in PR and London Press Club member, Anne-Marie developed her thought-leadership through her insightful social media platforms, commenting on the big stories of the day.

Anne-Marie wrote a guest post for Top 10 Vuelio 2016 blog for Stephen Waddington, author of ‘Brand Anarchy’, Ketchum Chief Engagement Officer, and former Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) President : http://bit.ly/2eYBcVb

An accomplished speaker, Anne-Marie is a dynamic presenter fronting corporate videos for Network Rail, Anglia Water, and British Film Institute. Plus, she is trained media spokesperson appearing on the BBC, ITV regional news and radio.

Anne-Marie volunteers as PR mentor for the equality and inclusion  ‘Kick It Out Raise Your Game’ conference for young people in the football industry, and The Passage, a charity providing homelessness shelter and support in Victoria, London.