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Work with me.

Regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed of – for credit is like fire; when once you have kindled it you may easily preserve it, but if you once extinguish it, you will find it an arduous task to rekindle it again. The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear – Socrates

How can I help you? Do you want an effective crisis and communications specialist? Hire me for a job.

I’m passionate about what I do, and if I believe PR won’t work for you, I’ll be upfront about it and part on good terms.

While it has become easier for people to communicate, the court of public opinion can be complex and challenging to navigate.

Prices are out of hours, day and project rates. No retainer.

How can I help? Get in touch via my website’s contact form and book a FREE 15-minute call.


Crisis Management & Audit £450.00 half day + VAT

  • Carry out vulnerability analysis to better protect against a crisis occurring
  • Review current crisis PR plans, communication plans and/or media plans
  • Identify gaps and/or vulnerabilities
  • Give open and honest feedback
  • Make recommendations to enhance your plans and processes

If you want a consultant to review your crisis management or communications plans, then choose this package.

A fresh pair of eyes can give an objective point of view. An external consultant is best to conduct an audit.

A half-day review is conducted remotely for work completed or draft. Depending on volume, a full day may be needed, which costs £900.00 per day + VAT. However,  travel – car, train and/or flight – and hotel expenses apply if client wants audit conducted at their office. Payment terms: 14 days.

Crisis Management – see description below for prices

  • Media representation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community engagement
  • Public Affairs

Demand for Crisis PR is growing. And, what is needed is a calm, measured and experienced approach. A PR crisis is unsettling, pressurised and potentially, damage reputations long term.

I can help steer you through an extremely difficult time, especially when there are a number of interested parties involved.

In a crisis situation, it is important to act quickly to assess the situation and determine the best strategy. There is no one-size fits all remedy. In this hyper connected world, the internet has transformed the way we receive messages and understand brands. News spreads quickly.

My rate starts at £130 per hour, excluding VAT, during normal working hours (8am – 5.30pm) and weekday.

These rates increase to £180 excluding VAT per hour during unsociable hours (5.30pm-8am) and at weekends.

Travel (car, train and/or flight) and hotel expenses apply. Payment schedule with 14 day terms.

Communications support £600.00 per day + VAT

  • Strategic planning

Communications activities need to support strategic goals.  I believe a strategic outlook is the future of the profession. I’ll ask questions to re-direct someone to a more strategic approach, over a two-day strategy planning meeting.

I can offer a project-by-project service. Gives flexibility for me and the client, while delivering tangible results. Monthly scheduled days are agreed from the outset. Or, create a plan with ideas, which is handed over to someone else for execution.

Dip in and out when needed. But, this isn’t a bolt on service. Short-term fixes have little strategic use.

My fees for up to six months’ short term contracts are £600 per day, excluding VAT. Payment schedule with 14 day terms. Note: there is a one month notice period for fixed six-month project work.

Travel (car, train and/or flight) and hotel expenses apply.

Event Host £750.00 per day + VAT

For more information on my availability or details to book me for your next event, please get in touch.

AmberGlass PR Outsource

As I’m an independent practitioner, I can outsource freelance staff to deliver projects for you.

Do you need  a trainer specialising in media/MP Select Committee coaching? Or, video production? I’ve worked with trusted suppliers to meet clients’ needs and budget. Prices on application.

Video Production: Jamie Niblock – Moving Image

Jamie is an experienced lighting cameraman with a background in journalism, and a diverse range of credits from Short films and Features to TV Commercials, Music Videos, Corporates, and Live Broadcast TV work.  

With almost 20 yearsexperience in journalism, Jamie regularly works for the BBC on a range of local and national news and current affairs strands for BBC News, BBC Breakfast news and Sky news HD.

Jamies work includes programmes and documentaries for clients including the Learning Skills Council, NHS and BT.

He also regularly provides media and crisis training to a wide range of corporations including the oil and gas industry, car manufacturers and universities.

Jamie is also trained in operating both BBC and Sky satellite news gathering vehicles adding live uplinks to his portfolio of skills.

His notable work includes producing a film for Unicef which was screened at the opening of the London Paralympic games.

A capable operator, Jamie is equally at home working on a big budget television commercial, as he is on a hard news shoot edit.

Coaching: Tereza Anteneova – MP Associates

MP Associates is a media, training, coaching and consultancy service that co-ordinates the skills and expertise of experienced professionals to best meet the needs of our clients.

Within this we offer targeted support in the following areas:




·      JOURNALISTIC SUPPORT (TV, Radio, Women’s conference)

With regards to Media Consultancy we can help you deliver the message you want, in the way that you want to help your target audience understand you and your services better. We will help you develop the skills and confidence of company spokespeople, expert commentators and thought leaders, so they deliver polished performances every time – whether it’s on live television and radio or for social media video and at live events. 

Tereza leads the area of media training, where she can also help develop your role as an expert contributor on TV and radio. By offering your expertise, talking about stories in the news, not being part of them, you stand out as a thought leader.

Tereza has an up-to-date experience and knowledge that few media trainers can match. She’s produced national TV and radio business and political reports, and has presented and reported at every level. Last time in March 2016 during the Westminster terror attack.

In the area of Coaching we have developed a programme called ‘Coaching Women to Lead’. We know that a gender rich partnership (50 % women) would have 11 % greater gross revenue per partner than an all-male one. We coach women at different career stages as we understand that at different stages of their life women need different coaching.

We know the areas women are struggling with at every stage of their career. And most of all, we know, that women experience the world of work and organisations very differently from men.

We will help you understand how it is to be a female in a male-designed model organisation and how not to attempt to instill male-patterns of behaviour in order to help you and your organisation to strive. 

Do you want to fit male designed and dominated organisations or do you want to be authentic and successful in your own way? We will help you build your own brand and grow it. ‘Be a first-class woman, not a second-rate man.’

Please get in touch with AmberGlass PR for more info.